Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Note to Fellow Progressives - Stop Complaining And Get Involved

Barbara Boxer said it best earlier this week, "I need you to be as excited as the Tea Partiers." Progressives have done little but moan about well, everything, since we got rid of Bush and placed a man with a brain in the White House. OK, yes it is a big mistake not to be having torture trials of Bush/Cheney ET. Al and the stimulus bill could have been stronger and –no- the health care bill isn't perfect. Is that reason to sit in the corner and pout? Worse, is that any reason to elect more Republicans to the House and Senate this November? Our guys are not perfect - so let's put back in the people who screwed up everything. What kind of a motto is that?

We got a health care bill passed people! No other Democratic President has ever done that. Is it perfect? No. Would we like to have a public option? Yes! BUT HE PASSED IT and he did it over a summer filled with screams of "death panels" and other nonsense.

Oh and yes - and President did something else - a little thing really....he saved the country from another Depression. Have we really forgotten what it was like in September of 2008 when we were looking in the mouth of the economic disaster? The stock market is up 6.000 points and jobs are slowly- yes slowly - coming back. Did I say President Obama averted a total collapse of our economic system? It is worth repeating, don’t you think?

Have you looked over at the Department of Education and seen any of the changes being made to our dismal education system? Take a peak you might be pleasantly surprised.

Just because President Obama didn't have a magic wand to make all of our dreams come true in sixth months, just because he isn't doing everything we want exactly as we want, are not reasons to retreat and let the lunatic right fringe dominate the political conversation and worse, elect more people to Congress. We need to continue to hold the Administration's feet to the fire on issues and once in a while say thanks for what they have done for us against a media more fascinated by the 18 percent right wing fringe than real issues. All this requires us to stay active, stay informed and stay positive.

Joan Porte

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