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Sorry about my user name. I've been using it for a while, but I may have to create a more dignified one. Anyway, this is an excellent way to share information and bounce around ideas. Thanks, Lee.
Thanks so much Lee - this will work very well! Joan
You all heard of Whitewater? Now there is the Blackwater scandal. See the June 5 issue of "The Nation" for a great article on the FEMA contracts to the Blackwater USA security firm. They were paid $950 a day for guards at the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center. The guards were paid $350 a day - the rest went to the Blackwater. This is on top of the $409,000 paid to provide 14 guards and vehicles at a "temporary morgue" in New Orleans.

Perhaps a couple of letters to the editor can keep this alive with a sleepy press?

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