Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Move on House Party Thursday

Dear MoveOn member,
This Thursday evening, thousands of us are gathering in living rooms across the county to help pick the three big positive ideas that MoveOn will campaign for in 2006. There's a party near you: want to join us?
House parties are fun—you get a good group of folks from your neighborhood, refreshing conversation about the stuff we care about, and an easy way to make a difference while coming together.
But Thursday's parties are particularly important. We'll be helping to decide the three big picture goals for America that we most want to share with voters, and then make happen. It's an important decision, and we'd love for you to join us—and bring a friend!
You can find your local party and sign up to attend by clicking below:
There's currently 3 Positive Agenda house parties scheduled near you. Here are the details for the closest party:

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